Almost a decade since they founded their own boutique family consulting firm (Spark - consulting), the two sisters Shirly Dar and Nili Shohet had two fundamental eurekas. First, many people do not know how many fund sources are out there. Second, although the authorities want to make the grants as accessible as possible, the grants' requirements often differ in the small letters and are not understood to most people.

Shirly and Nili saw the need for grant search engine that will deliver answers to these two insights. They wanted to wrap the different grants' requirements into one common understandable language, and to establish a place that will help people to find 'all that money' out there. The aim here was to build comprehensive platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match national and global grants with users' products and activities.

After long developing process, Fund-Guru was founded. Great number of hours were dedicated to collect data and information from fund sources, in order to compare them against the needs of the people and organizations in the field. In the end, Fund-Guru came with accurate method compound its smart and complex system, in order to serve the grant seeker needs.

In June 2021, symbolically just after awful 2020 was over, Fund-Guru was launched. The same way Shirly and Nili started small with Spark-Consulting as boutique consulting firm, Fund-Guru first launched in Israel in their close circles in order to run the system as pilot. Nevertheless, the sisters already started collaboration with American, Canadian, Asian and European partners in order to work internationally with grants all over the globe and become the first international grant search engine.


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