FundGuru Supports Governmental and Private Grants Worldwide

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Fundings That We Support

FundGuru supports governmental and private grants worldwide.
Any funding provider can publish its grants and funds through the FundGuru platform and receive the following services:

Global worldwide exposure

FundGuru is an international platform, with partnerships all around the globe. With FundGuru your grants will get global exposure to all types of grant seekers around the globe (Companies, Partnerships, NGO, etc.), and from all types of fields: Cyber, Cleantech, Traditional Industry, Fintech, Agriculture etc..

Direct channel to grant applicants

No need to invest much money in advertising your grants, FundGuru platform gives you direct channel to companies, NGOs and other grant seekers who receive notifications on which grants correspond to their needs.

Filtering irrelevant application

The FundGuru platform provides each applicant with grants based on the threshold requirement and personal chances of success. Saving you time and energy of unsuitable grant applications.

Data analytics and reports

FundGuru global data on grants and other funding programs can help you set up new grants or update existing ones.

Some of The Funds That We Support



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